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Roseville faces challenging times unlike any in living memory that will require us to work together as a community.  It will require a prudent fiscal hand, the courage to make tough choices, and innovative thinking that have marked my 25 plus years of working on complex transportation, housing, water resource, land use and air quality issues.

As your City Councilmember I will ensure the community’s interest is put first and that the budget reserves from the Measure B sales tax that the City Council wisely set aside for times like these help cushion us from the initial economic shock brought on by COVID-19.

But as in previous economic downturns there will be aftershocks. We cannot know today if the world as we knew it will return, or if this experience has fundamentally changed the way we go about life.  But what we do know is that prudent fiscal planning and the vision to adapt to change will be the key to continuing the quality of life we so love in Roseville.  It will take vigilance to ensure that our fiscal responsibility is not raided by those who fail to adapt or spend to excess while we make sacrifices here.

The pandemic will require Roseville to fiscally reinvent itself.  Our economy will need to pivot from the retail center of the region, to one that attracts global healthcare cluster and builds innovative therapies.  Together, as one Roseville, we can plan our economic recovery and create the next generation economy.

For a decade now – as your City Councilmember, as a member of the Roseville Planning Commission and before that serving on the Roseville Public Utilities Commission – it has been my privilege to give back to the community of Roseville.

Public service is an ethic that runs in my family and Shelley’s. My mom was the State President of the Business and Professional Women of Maryland and served on the County Personnel Board. My father, a Public Works Supervisor, coached my sister’s softball team for many years. My father-in-law, a retired Oregon State Trooper, is State Commander of the Military Order of the Purple Heart in Oregon. And my mother-in-law regularly volunteers at her church’s community pantry.

It is this experience that I will put to work for Roseville residents.  Experience working with and listening to others to craft innovative, cost effective, and thoughtful solutions.

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