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Information About The City’s Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

As the City responsibly and gradually over the coming months begins the process of opening parts of our community, you can be assured my decisions will be based on the data, the facts, public health and science.  I recognize there will be apprehension–but we have outstanding leadership in the City of Roseville and collectively we will act in the best interests of our community.

As your representative on the Roseville City Council, District 3, I am proud of how our community has stepped forward and embraced the advice of our public health community. I know it is not without sacrifice and disruption to your lives, but together we’ll navigate these uncharted waters and come out stronger for it.

Now in my second year on the City Council, I have seen first-hand how hard our first responders and city management are working to help you and our business community survive the sudden downturn and safely return us to the vibrant community we enjoy.

This year, for the first time, City Council members will be elected from Council Districts to serve you. I represent your neighborhood (District 3) and previously served the community for 6 years on the Planning Commission and 2 years on the Public Utilities Commission.

If you have questions about programs the Roseville community has to help you and your family during these unprecedented times, visit or feel free to call/text me at (916) 952-1287 or email

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Bruce Is Committed To Roseville

Every candidate, incumbent or not, should be able to explain why they want to serve.
For me it comes down to three important issues:
1) Roseville will face fiscal challenges in the decade ahead. We must prepare now for when the downturn comes to be able to deliver the quality of services Roseville residents and the business community have come to expect. That means saving today. As a fiscal conservative I believe in balancing our budget every year.
2) Roseville public safety has to grow with our city. Police and Fire need to meet the growing needs of our business community and citizens.
3) Infrastructure and economic development must be a focus. I want to ensure roads and landscaping are kept to a high standard and our water supply is resilient. In addition, I will continue to support small business while still working to attract job producing national companies to Roseville.
I believe an elected official should be experienced, actively engaged and work for the best interest of the community at large.
I want to hear from you. Call or text me at (916) 952-1287 if you have questions about your Roseville City government.
I ask for your vote in November 2020.

I am running for City Council not just to continue my civic involvement and public service, but also to put my experience to work for Roseville residents and the business community. I also want to ensure that the quality of life Roseville residents and the business community have come to expect is not just maintained but continues to improve.

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